Signature Cocktails


Belussi Spritz

The unique taste of the Greek spirit mastiha, from the island of Chios, blended with aperol, makes this a distinct and refreshing choice.

Mikro Nisi

With the meaning ‘small island’, tequila blended with passion fruit, added vanilla and fresh lime gives this cocktail an aromatic and fruity taste.


Sip this cocktail whilst overlooking ‘Marathonisi’ island, better known as ‘turtle island’, with its lush green colours reflected in the drink infused with apple, lime and cucumber flavours.


It’s name taken from the ecologically protected island Pelouzo, seen to the left of the bay is where turtles lay their eggs, this tropical blend of rum, passion fruit and pineapple has ginger combined in it for an added taste kick.


This vodka based cocktail named after ‘Cameo island’ which can be viewed across the bay to the right, is fruity and exotic, with strawberry and coconut flavours.